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What our members say about our club
My positive personal experience: I love the way the event was set up. We paid for the event and were allowed to stay elsewhere. I also loved the recognition of the new first time event people. Bringing them up on stage gave them the experience of knowing what it's like to be truly recognized and gives them the incentive to do whatever it takes to get recognized again.

Having spent the past 25 years in the self-help industry and personally working with the top international leaders like Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Vic Johnson and Les Brown, I was never personally a big fan of the recognition I found in that arena because I felt that this was ego driven. However, what I learned and experienced at Dream Week-End was that I had never known true authentic recognition that comes from a foundation of love, acceptance and honor. The experience of this real or authentic recognition not only opened up my eyes, healed my heart but drastically changed my life in which I will forever be thankful and grateful for. I now know the "power of recognition"

I have been to 4 major events so far and this was the best yet for me personally. I'm a level 5 candidate and sanctioned speaker from Houston, Texas and I know that major events are where decisions are made. This event was no exception for me. I felt a MAJOR shift within myself over Dream Weekend.